6 Things You Need To Know About A24Group Timesheets

Here is what you need to know about timesheets as an A24Group agency worker.


We know working for an agency for the first time can be a tad bit daunting, and even if you are an old hand at agency work, knowing how to properly submit timesheets is essential.

This is where we can help whether you are a temporary or permanent worker, we are constantly implementing methods to ensure your career is well taken care of, from the moment you register to your first shift and of course receiving your payment. As an agency with years of experience, we are aware of how important it is for our agency workers to get paid on time for their services rendered!

Here is all the information you need regarding A24Group timesheets:

Ask your floor manager to authorize your timesheet: we request that all signed or authorized timesheets should be submitted as soon as your shift has been completed. Always ensure your timesheet is signed by your line manager before submission – this will allow us to aid you in resolving disputes, should any arise.

Always adhere to submission date: the deadline for timesheet submissions is 12-noon every Monday. It is a strict deadline; therefore, late submissions will only be processed the following Friday.

Incorrect or late timesheets will not be processed: emailed timesheets must be scanned using a scanner; photographs will not be accepted. Photo timesheets are not acceptable as they are not perfectly clear or the photo may contain background clutter. Incorrect timesheets will not be processed; your payment will be delayed until a clear and correct, authorized timesheet is submitted.

Deadlines are subject to change: usually when there’s an upcoming bank holiday, the deadline is moved to the Friday prior to the bank holiday Monday, and if is Good Friday, then the deadline will be the Thursday prior to that.

Late payments: you may still find that your payment can be delayed depending on where you worked; certain clients operate online systems where a dual authorization process is required. This involves you submitting a signed timesheet and the client authorising your shift on their online system. If one of the two authorization signatures is missing, your payment will be delayed until everything is in order. Please email mypay@a24group.com for a list of clients who fall under this category.

Payroll operating hours: 9AM to 5PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. 9AM to 4PM on Fridays. Payroll phone lines are not open on Wednesdays. These will change during bank holiday periods, please ensure you read any notices you receive.

Important notices will be communicated to you by your assigned consultant: further information regarding bank holiday deadlines and payroll operating hours will be sent out before the bank holidays.

Get in contact: you can phone payroll on 0871 873 3301 or alternatively you can email mypay@a24group.com

Timesheets are available for download via our Staffshift website or on the app. Blank timesheets can be posted upon request.